Unmasking the Narcissistic Wound – Healing Generational Trauma [SEMINAR]

It’s time to snatch the mask off of this wound that many are unaware of. Yet it is one of the most obvious wound that many twin flames, starseeds, empaths, lightworkers, and other spiritually inclined people find themselves with. That old, dirty narcissistic wound.

People call this “the crazymaker” because if you’ve been entangled with someone with a narcissistic personality disorder, it leaves you and your life a mess – financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually – and what’s even more insidious about it is that you may not even notice it. This leads to all sorts of problems that just repeat for generation upon generation. Let’s end it here.

In this seminar I discuss your energetic space, hidden or covert narcissism, how dealing with a long-term relationship with a narcissistic person can impact your energetic space, and how to break the cycle of pain and abuse through deep healing.

I’m also share some thoughts from a diagnosed narcissistic sociopath and I reveal a list of healers I personally recommend should you realize that you’ve been a victim of someone like this. I’ll also give some techniques you can use to care for yourself.


Time: 50 minutes